Why we do it

“Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food.”

Hippocrates Father of Medicine


Without your health what are you really?

If you don’t know, what you don’t know, then how do you know how really good you can be?

The human genome should be good for at least 120 years so why do most fall before our true finish line? Food, environment, maybe beliefs?

If the saying “You are what you eat” is true then the question has to be asked, What is it you are really eatingAnd … Where does it come from?

These are the questions that drive our team!

At New Zealand Gold, we strive to deliver you the best health enhancing foods available. It is important to us to find the best ingredients for all our products, for us to understand the full ecosystem of our food products and  have full traceability as to where they have come from.

We believe when you understand your body and what fuels make it truly greatLIFE happens and likely lots more of it!